Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Counseling, Consulting, Coaching, Mediation, Reunification, Supervised Visitation, and Psychosocial Educational Services

Individuals, couples, parents who live together or apart, and employment groups use Deerwood Family Service for counseling, consulting, coaching, mediation, reunification, and/or supervised visitation. Some simply use our services to enhance and/or restore optimal role functioning and self-care so that they can become the best-that-they-can-be and better succeed at goals or commitments they have decided on.   

Deerwood Family Services provides a safe and comfortable space (on-site or virtually) where individuals, couples, parent and family groupings, employee groups, and community groups can come together for so many different reasons that are consistent with our mission statement. We provide space for small family sessions, for large extended family sessions, and for small group meetings or retreats. Space is also provided for  mediation and for supervised visitation or reunification sessions associated with parental or family alienation, estrangement, cut-offs/exclusion-abuse, or supervised visitation. Call us at 724 733-2928 for more detail about how to schedule this. You can also schedule directly through Headway at https://headway.co/providers/margaret-christopher?utm_source=pem&utm_medium=direct_link&utm_campaign=70268