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A career coach does not have to be credentialed or licensed so be very careful about who you hire for this if you feel that it is needed. There is no need to pay a large out-of-pocket fee unless the coach has amazing knowledge about what it takes to succeed in the career arenas you are interested in PLUS charisma and the motivational skills needed to keep you moving forward in constructive ways.


A career counselor is someone who has a master's degree or doctoral degree in career counseling and belongs to the National Career Development Association in the United States or to one of NCDA's state affiliations. Members have to be approved on the basis of their education, internships, post-graduate experience, and willingness to abide by the professional Code of Ethics and standards of this recognized professional association.


Jessie loved visiting the beach as a child but hated school and couldn't wait to earn that high school diploma and go to work at an ocean resort. After a few years of very successful work in different roles at the resort, Jessie realized that getting a small business loan and creating  some type of business on or next to a beach was a possibility. By hiring a career coach, someone with expert knowledge in recreation, food service, and successful experience as an entrepreneur, Jessie had frequent access to someone who could also serve as a mentor. After just a few year's, Jessie's was not only out by the beach every day, but also earning three times as much money as before as a business owner. Jessie also became a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and became actively involved in helping to improve the beach community in a number of ways. 


Morgan, who loved performing in music theatre as a child and teen,  earned a college degree in drama with a minor in psychology.  As a parent, Morgan continued to perform in local theatre groups on a part-time basis in roles that sometimes included the children. Being targeted in domestic violence, betrayal, a high conflict divorce and custody battle meant that Morgan had to find full-time work in a hurry while also experiencing symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder. A career counselor with the master's degree in this field AND with continuing education in areas related to post-trauma work and domestic violence worked miracles in not only helping Morgan begin a  terrific full time career, but also manage the PTSD symptoms so that they didn't interfere with success in combining career and parenting.