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Ten-year old Karl found something on-line that he is willing to share with those of you who might be in quarantine, sick with Covid-19, or just staying indoors as part of the communal social distancing. Here it is in his own words:

"If you are stuck in your house with nothing to do, type up Roblox in your computer and play their millions of free games.

I’m building a special clinic on it, a clinic for nurses to go to.  They can go there to take care and role play on-line. They can still do their job but role play if it’s not safe. If they miss their job they can always play roblox. 

If they get sick, it could perhaps make them feel better and forget about what they are going through. In fact, children and everyone else who gets sick can role play as nurses. Everyone else can play, too.

We want to thank all of the nurses and doctors, and even the government for trying, and all the other helpers and people who listen to the rules.

We saw something that Karl already designed and built on Roblox and it was impressive...

This is just one of the many rooms in the clinic that Karl designed for the Covid-19 pandemic. Karl, we have a lot of students who want to know how you did this...